Diet and exercise suck – they’re time consuming and leave you hungry and exhausted. But alas, they’re two of the most effective and proven methods to lose weight. But are they?

The weight loss industry is a multi-billion dollar global industry and products and services range from diet pills to surgery to fitness programs. The safest among all these weight loss products are natural dietary supplements made of plant extracts that are not only effective but also promote a healthier body.

One of the most buzzed about names in the market today is Forskolin extract supplements – an unlikely herb that promotes a range of health benefits and the regulation of hormones for proper weight loss.
Here is an in-depth look of what this supplement is all about.
About Forskolin Extract Supplements

forskolin plantForskolin is the name of the extract taken from the roots of the herb called Coleus Forskohlii. It is native in Thailand, Nepal, India, and Burma, where it grows on the slopes of hills and mountains. The plant has been used since ancient times specifically for Ayurvedic medicine, which is an ancient medicinal practice over two thousand years old. It is proven to contain antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Forskolin as an ingredient is renowned for its cardiovascular and respiratory health support, as evident in its presence in many pharmaceutical drugs for the remedy of high blood pressure, chest pain, and asthma.

Scientists who studied the plant discovered that the extract has a natural ability to promote the increase of an enzyme called cAMP, which stands for cyclic adenosine monophosphate. This enzyme is involved in numerous cellular functions in the body, which include the production of specific hormones such as testosterone and thyroid.

The increase of such hormones is proven to help with weight loss, and thus, Forskolin diet supplements were born.

As a diet pill, the extract has a natural ability to burn fat tissues and increase the production of lean muscle mass. This means that taking Forskolin extract will help your body burn fat faster and help you develop a leaner physique.

The Benefits of Taking the Supplement

As mentioned, the extract promotes two main mechanisms through cAMP, which are: Fat Burning and Production of Lean Muscles. Let’s discuss how the extract promotes weight loss through these two actions.

Fat Burning

Since Forskolin naturally increases thyroid hormones, taking the supplement boosts metabolism, and thus, burns calories faster and so much easier. One of the many problems of individuals who find it difficult to lose weight is their body’s naturally slow metabolism. No matter how little they eat or how much they diet, people who have slow metabolisms always burn fat at a slower pace, which means losing weight can be difficult.

Forskolin boosts metabolism through the increase of thyroid hormones, and burns stored fat tissues faster and more efficiently.

Production of Lean Muscle Mass

The increase of cAMP also promotes the increased production of testosterone hormones. Most bodybuilding supplements in the market today contain testosterone-boosting ingredients as it helps to promote better protein synthesis and an increase in the human growth hormone, leading to leaner muscles.

Forskolin stands out in the industry because it not only promotes fat burning, it also helps to tone your body for a leaner shape.


Forskolin Belly Buster: A Trusted Brand that Works

The supplement is becoming more and more popular which means you need to use a product that’s made of top quality ingredients and adheres to the standards set in the industry.

Forskolin Belly Buster is one of the most trusted brands among all Forskolin supplements since it has been in the market for several years now, and it has truly changed the lives of many of its users.

Here is a rundown of its features:

>Contains 10% pure Forskolin extract
>Made 100% in the USA
>Provides a 100% money back guarantee within 30 days
>Made of 100% natural and organic ingredients
>Completely safe to use with no reports of side effects

The product is also easy on the pocket with more savings when you buy more of the product. Here are the three packages that customers can choose from:

1. 1 bottle costs $53.98;
2. 2 bottles cost $34.99 each, with 1 bottle free, saving you $129;
3. 3 bottles cost $28.99 each, with 2 bottles free, saving you $249.

Shipping is free for all packages, which already saves you a substantial amount compared to other brands that don’t have this free feature. The bestselling package is definitely the monster pack of 3 bottles with 2 bottles free since it gives you the most savings and the most weight loss.

If you want to give the product a try without investing too much, 1 bottle is enough to give you significant weight loss after 4 weeks.

Forskolin diet supplements are safe to use when the product you choose contains 100% all-natural ingredients and if they adhere to the standards set in the industry. Forskolin Belly Buster more than just meets these requirements as it gives you the security and safety that their products are completely all-natural, safe, and most importantly, effective in helping you achieve your weight loss goals.